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How long will it take to learn to swim?
  • Some clients schedule 10 lessons per year, while many swim year-round.

  • Everyone learns at a different rate.  The longer a student participates in lessons, the more skills they will acquire.

  • Kilmerís Swim Time, LLC customizes your schedule.  Schedule as many lessons as you would like.  Whether it is 1 lesson or 100 lessons, we can accommodate your needs.  

What is the best age to start swim lessons?
  • Everyone can learn to swim regardless of his or her age.  We teach infants through seniors.

  • The younger a child begins swimming lessons, the faster they can progress through the swim skills.

  • Infants six months of age are capable of beginning a swim program, but it is never to late to learn to swim.  Swimming is a skill that lasts a lifetime and a skill that could save a life.  

What teaching style or methods do you use at Kilmerís Swim Time, LLC?  
  • A play centered learning environment ensures that our students learn quickly.

  • Each lesson emphasizes safety, technique, and fun.  When our students are having fun they learn challenging skills without stress.

  • Toys and games are used to motivate and reward our students for their great attitudes and attempts at new skills.  We love smiling swimmers, but we specialize in fearful students.  

What are the advantages of private lessons?  
  • One on one instruction promotes a trusting relationship between students and their instructor.

  • Teachers personalize lessons to accommodate different learning styles and skill levels of individual students.

  • Swimmers receive immediate critique, which ensures proper swim techniques are being mastered.

  • Students benefit from having no distractions from other classmates and receive their teacherís undivided attention.  Your swimmerís safety is always our number one priority.  

What are the advantages to customized scheduling? 
  • Swim when it is convenient for your busy schedule.

  • Pay as you swim.  Visa and MasterCard are also accepted.

  •  Cancel an appointment within 24 hours and there is no charge for the lesson.

  •  Make your own schedule, swim as often as you would like.